Barry Daniels (1931-2010) was an artist and co-founder of DANAD Design, a Pop Art collective including Peter Blake, working from Marden Hill, a Georgian mansion in Hertfordshire. From 1958 to 1962 the collective worked on bringing art into everyday life, designing furniture and surfaces.


Later in the 1960s Barry began to design textiles and became an agent for other artists creating textile and surface patterns. Since the studio closed in the late 1980s, the archive has been stored in the basement of the mansion.


Barry’s son Mark has now recruited textiles specialist Ros Weaver to help with archiving thousands of design treasures from a pre digital era. Paintings, drawings and collages with a surprisingly fresh feel are being catalogued every day.


Barry Daniels Studio Archive is now available as a resource for designers. And as a trove of rare vintage art pieces.